WMS (Система управления складом): склaдская лoгистикa, wms, автоматизация склaда, управление складом
Retail and Wholesale Systems
"System #1" is a front and head office software solution for retailers and wholesalers. It is a Windows-based client/server merchandise and stock management system. The product is extremely user-friendly and easy to learn.

"System #1" offers a powerful range of features: order processing and management, customer relationship management, supply chain management (procurement, inventory management, warehouse management), financial management, sales analysis and reports.

"System #1" seamlessly integrates with Adalius B2B solution that links suppliers/manufacturers, distributors, and end-users.

Warehouse Management System Adalius Warehouse Management System

Adalius warehouse management system can be used at warehouses, distribution centers, customs terminals and supermarkets.

Adalius warehouse management system controls the whole warehousing cycle from receiving to shipping. The system automatically chooses storage places for products received and generates commands for warehouse personnel.

When using bar code technologies task execution is confirmed by scanning bar code labels, as each item of a warehouse (storage location, vehicle, product, etc.) is marked with bar code labels.

Adalius warehouse management system integrates with Adalius ERP System.

  • Real-time information interchange.
  • Complete control over a supply chain.
  • Optimal utilization of warehouse spaces and transport.
  • Time reduction of warehouse operations.
  • Significant increase of the turnover.
  • Decrease of storage costs.

    The system automatically chooses storage places for products received and generates commands for warehouse personnel.

    All the tasks generated by the system can be displayed on radio-frequency terminal screens as sets of elementary sequential commands or printed individually for each employee in optimal consequence.

    Operation of the system is based on principles of receipt of information about all operations in real-time mode, processing of data received, making managerial decisions, generating and disseminating instructions for personnel and interacting subsystems, and control of execution of those instructions.

    WMS allows knowing stock in different areas in on-line regime.

    Flows & movements management:
  • Inbound operations
  • Outbound operations
  • Internal movement
  • Modification
  • Stock count
  • Directed putaway logics(time logics, quality logics, zone logic, fixed location logic, optimization logics)
  • Directed cross docking / groupage / degropupage
  • Directed picking operations
  • Labels
  • Free Warehouse
  • Customs Warehouse
  • Accise Warehouse
  • Finished Goods and Raw Material warehouse
  • Cross Docking Management
  • Racked - Non racked areas
  • Stocks from 1 case to 50 000 pallets
  • Cross Docking Management
  • Resources (Productivity - workforce monitoring)
  • Claims management

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